Episode 02: Teaching Programming to Kids w/ Chris Strom

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In this week’s episode we speak with Chris Strom, author of 3D Game Programming for Kids, about his book, and about how we can all do a better job of helping kids learn programming. Now in its second edition 3D Game Programming for Kids uses Javascript and several available libraries to teach kids 3D Game programming from implementing simple 3D Models in Code to creating several simple 3D games.

Chris is a father, technical author, developer, and life-long learner. He writes and creates continuously as part of his learning process. You can find his most recent projects on his website at https://www.eeecomputes.com/ you can also find him on twitter as @eee_c .  You can buy his book and find more information directly from Pragmatic Programmers or from Amazon.

Throughout the episode we discuss:

  • Getting Started as a Technical Author
  • Learning by creating
  • When are kids old enough to learn to program?
  • How to get kids interested in programming?
  • What to do when kids get frustrated by programming?
  • Is teaching coding in school helpful or harmful?
  • And more!

Episode 01: Get Programming with Go w/ Nathan Youngman

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In this week’s episode we interview Nathan Youngman about his new book Get Programming With Go, discuss some of the unique elements of Golang, and take a deeper look at Object Oriented aspects of the Go programming language as well as how Go handles slices of Arrays.

Nathan’s Book is available at from Manning Publications with an exclusive 40% discount for our listeners using the code podcompscinow18 at checkout.

Nathan is a Self-Taught Web Developer and the Author of Get Programming with Go. In his spare time he is the organizer of the Edmonton Go Meetup, a mentor for Canada Learning Code, and a paparazzi of VIP Gopher Plushies. You can find more information about Nathan at his website  https://nathany.com, on his book’s website https://programminggo.com  or on Twitter @nathany.

If you would like to win a free copy of the book leave a leave us a review in your favourite podcast app and send me an email with a screenshot of the review at jordan@csnow.io. You can also enter by sending a screenshot of a social share. All entries must be received by November 2nd, 2018.


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